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For Skin Health

Description Ovoderm is a powder of an opaque membrane inside eggshell.
Available product types Tablet, Hard Capsule
KFDA no. -
Health Claim Improvement of skin condition


  • Egg shell membrane is an opaque membrane that exists in the hard shell (egg shell) of an egg.
    It is 0.05~0.1g per egg, and its main ingredient is amino acids, containing more than 80% collagen.
  • FDA approved GRAS notification.
  • 100% natural ingredients with no chemicals used.
  • Raw material obtained from eggs raised in the natural areas of Spain.


  • Improvement of skin condition
  • 2 Patents, 3 journals

Exclusive technology

  • 2 Patents, 3 journals

Health claim

  • Skin condition

Available formulation

  • Tablet, Hard Capsule