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Alcohol degradation

  • After 3 hours of alcohol administration in mice, the RexcliverⓇgroup had a 24% reducthon in blood concentration and a 2.4-fold increase in acetaldehyde dehydrohenase(ALDH)activity.

Protection the liver from alcohol-induced damage

  • All the alcohol-induced changes including the serum ALT and AST activities, TNF-a level, the hepatic GSH concentration, and the lipid accumulation of the liver in the alcohol-treated mice were prevented significantly by supplementation with Rexcliver®

Anti-oxidant Activity

  • The treatment of Rexcliver® increased the antioxidant-related factors (ARE, HO-1), inhibited cellular damage caused by t-BHP, and recovered mitochondria membrane potential.

Change of Antioxidant response
(ARE) activity

Change of Home oxygenase
(HO-1) protein level

Cell viability by oxidative stress
(MTT assay)

Change of Mitochondrial membrane potential
(JC-1 Staining) by oxidative stress